the story

aesthetic // casual clothing with a minimalist approach and an emphasis on hidden details, quality and fit
motivation // create a covetable wardrobe that embraces individuality through limited production and one-off garments
inspiration // color and textiles, Scandinavian minimalist design, and high quality workmanship
muses // Ramona Quimby and Scout Finch in adulthood
the designer // Meg! Born and raised in Duluth MN, currently residing in Madison WI
meg says // I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl. I get dirty but I clean up nice. I don't really follow trends and like to consider my style "enhanced basics". I believe in designing functional clothing for everyday wear. My clothes are made to play in, they are quality investment pieces that will last you for years. 
With dimes & wednesday I aim to move away from disposable clothing and reinforce the quality that American Made stands for. I hand make every piece in my collection. My favorite part of the process is taking inspiration from a piece of fabric, dreaming up the perfect design and taking that from a flat sketch to a physical garment.