Scaredy Cat June 03 2014 24 Comments

I've lived for years with both feet firmly planted in my own way. 

It's been my dream since I was 16 to have my own clothing company; yet there was always some excuse as to why I couldn't just do it. 

The more time that went by the further I dug in my heels, what happened to the confidence I once had? Was I really ok with failing before I even started? Deep down what was truly holding me back? I started to realize not only was I afraid of trying and failing, but I was just as afraid of success. It was a strange revelation and one I couldn't understand. 

Much of my life I've been plagued with an overwhelming sense of responsibility to everyone but myself. The turning point for me was participating in the debut of MadRunway, a Madison fashion show highlighting local talent. It was liberating and such an amazing feeling to do what I feel I'm meant to do. I finally mustered the courage to quit my day job and give it a go as an entrepreneur. Doing something solely for myself is such a foreign feeling and one that will take a while to accept. I feel I'm being very selfish. Needless to say I've got some internal hurdles to overcome as I wind my way through being my own boss. But I'm lifting my feet. I'm moving forward. I'm working to build my "American dream".

Wish me luck!